Drive Business Decisions with Business Analytics

Analytics Advisory

"Enhance the Maturity & Capabilities of your Analytics organization" Our unique “4A Methodology” comprising of 4 di...

New Solution Development

The success of an analytics project starts with defining the objectives and constraints accurately. We at PrADS believe

Independent Validation & Verification (IV&V)

"Ensuring Right Models, Built Right" Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V) are independent enterprise-wide...

Analytics as a Service

PrADS brings the ‘Analytics’ aspects of Analytics as a Service to the forefront for our customers. Our differentiating c

Delivering key business benefits through Dun & Bradstreet’s Partnership

We are the only Strategic Partner of Dun & Bradstreet with access to D&B’s proprietary data.

Predictive, Anticipatory Analytics

Advanced Technique To Understand Future B2B business behaviors

Superior Business Outcome

Utilize in-depth knowledge on company characteristics acquired through decades of R&D

Scale & Reach

Score 24M business and narrow the targets to add efficiency while improving results


Optimize data subscription cost with various plug-and-play models

Focus on Delivering Business Values

Our Analytics Philosophy - ADEO™ Framework
ADEO Framework
"At the heart of our ADEO™ framework is our industry insights gained through broader industry experience and years of successful track record in global markets"

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