PrADS brings the ‘Analytics’ aspects of Analytics as a Service to the forefront for our customers. Our differentiating capability is superior analytic insight and content that enable us to draw truth and meaning from big data. This includes both D&B data and customers’ data. We’ve created AaaS which is low cost, simple to use, and agile. It is a platform hosting D&B content that enriches the insights that come out of an analytic model.

Infra + Data + Process + People = Faster Time to Market

PrADS Solution

  • Access to D&B’s secured ‘Hosted Analytic Services Suite’ with state of the art infrastructure: Integrated Development Environment for Analytic Solutions (IDEAS)
  • Access to Structured Big Data – both internal and external sources
  • Leverage on quality processes as defined by our World Wide Scoring Panel (WWSP)
  • Access to local industry & analytics expertise
  • Analytics Center of excellence – Trusted extension of your analytics team in dedicated on and off-site resources


  • Rapid readiness of Infrastructure and an evaluation environment
  • No capital investment in infrastructure
  • Extend and compliment your analytics capabilities in little time by leveraging our in house expertise (people, processes and tools)
  • Focus on your core competency of exploring new avenues for business growth
  • Benefit from our broad industry experience and R&D efforts
  • Reduce continuous demand to train internal analytics teams in new tools & technologies
  • Improve an ability to manage peak loads
  • Reduce cost of delivery with offshore advantage.