The success of an analytics project starts with defining the objectives and constraints accurately. We at PrADS believe that the analytics teams must be well versed with the business domain especially in mapping out constraints and objectives that are inherent to a country/ business. We also need to balance the art and science of analytics to come with practical business solutions. In our experience, to develop highly accurate models, mathematical techniques alone are not sufficient and we need to use our industry insights to deliver the solution that works.

ADEO™ Framework for new model development ensures that the business problems, objectives and constraints are understood correctly to develop the analytical solution that delivers the intended business benefits. Post-implementation, the impact on business performance and opportunity for models improvement are continuously assessed to ensure that the analytical solution is relevant and reliable. At the heart of our ADEO™ framework is our industry insights gained through broader industry experience and years of successful track record in global markets.

Approach and Methodology

PrADS uses the latest machine learning and big data algorithms to tackle the process of empirical model development, testing and maintenance. The most important issues of selecting the most predictive variables as well as using statistical prowess in order to increase their correlation to the rightfully selected target variable, makes our model development process robust and top of the line.